ECG247 Smart Heart Sensor is a new Norwegian medical certified wireless heart rhythm sensor for detection of atrial fibrillation (AF) and other arrhythmias.

ECG 247 Smart Heart Sensor is easy to use, inexpensive and will be broadly available for both consumers and health care professionals.

ECG247 Smart Heart Sensor is intended to screen people who are at increased risk of stroke due to heart rhythm disorders, and to study people with symptoms of rhythm disorders (palpitations, fast heart rate, etc.).

ECG247 Smart Heart Sensor continuously analyzes the heart rhythm and notifies via a mobile application when detecting heart rhythm disorders. Heart rhythm recordings are automatically transferred to a secure server and can be easily shared with a GP or cardiologist.

G247 Smart Heart Sensor provides continuous heart rate monitoring for up to 7 days and can be used during exercise/activity. The sensor can withstand water and can be used many times

ECG247 Smart Heart Sensor will be ready for the consumer market in Q2 2020.