AppSens is a MedTech company developing wireless medical sensors and devices for the mobile patient. The founders of the company have in-depth knowledge and broad experience from medical sensor technology and cardiology. Supported by a consortium of strong partners within industrial design, electronics, software and hardware development; AppSens offers innovative and high-quality medical equipment.

The company is proud to be collaborating with the University of Agder (UiA) and Sørlandet Hospital (SSHF) both of which have high focus on MedTech development and medical research.

AppSens is owned by private investors and the employees. The company is supported by Innovation Norway.

Advisory Board

Professor Dan Atar, MD, PhD Cardiologist/Head of research Oslo University Hospital/University of Oslo, Norway
Gabrielle I Danielsen, MD General practitioner (GP) Grimstad, Norway
Bjørnar Grenne, MD, PhD Cardiologist/ researcher St. Olavs hospital/NTNU Trondheim, Norway
Helge Istad, MD Advisor cardiovascular medicine Association of heart and lung disease (LHL) Oslo, Norway
Tom Omdal, MD, Cardiologist, Haukeland university hospital, Bergen, Norway